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Free Range Chickens


Raising organic, free range chickens is undeniably one of the most enriching and fulfilling ways to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. 


Our sweet feathered companions not only provide a daily source of fresh, wholesome eggs but also offer a profound connection to the rhythms of nature. Everyday, as we watch them peck and scratch in the sun-dappled earth, we're reminded of the simple joys of life.

There's a certain magic in knowing exactly where your food comes from – in this case, from our very resort. It's a journey of self-sufficiency that allows us to savor the fruits of our labor, or in this case, the eggs of our hens.

But it's also more than just the eggs; it's about nurturing a thriving, sustainable ecosystem. Our chickens fertilize our garden, turning kitchen scraps into rich compost. They help control pests and weeds naturally, so we don't need to rely on harmful chemicals.

Additionally, the daily rituals of caring for our flock foster a deep sense of responsibility and mindfulness. It's a routine that grounds us in the present moment and strengthens our connection to the land.

Furthermore, the gentle clucking of our chickens and the warmth of their presence have such soothing effect on us and our guests. They have quickly become not just livestock but cherished members of our homestead here at Anupaya Cabin Co.

In a world that often feels fast-paced and disconnected from the sources of our sustenance, we feel that keeping organic, free-range chickens offers us a return to simplicity, sustainability, and a more profound appreciation for the beauty all around us

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